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Motivation- small steps

By October 28, 2013November 1st, 2013No Comments

This months guest blogger is none other than the founder of Aim High Studio…Aimee Sala!!

Often people ask me what is the best way to stay motivated and see results in a fitness program? The answer is simple…make short goals, have balance and enjoy!
SHORT GOALS…. We often get caught up in the end result. We forget to stay present and enjoy the journey. Making short goals, as short as week by week, can help keep you motivated and avoid the feeling of it’s taking too long. I encourage using a simple, good old fashion paper calendar! Fill it out each week and display it where it can be seen every day; like your bathroom mirror or the kitchen window. A change, even good ones, takes time. Often we want instant gratification, and if something is taking too long we give up. The best way to stay motivated is to accept and acknowledge that change takes time. Keep your goals short and stay motivated week by week… it’s that simple
BALANCE…nutrition, cardio, stretch, and strength. I know it sounds like a lot…but you need to incorporate these four elements to be fit, healthy and see changes.
As we all know, workouts give us so much more than just the ability to see a change on the scale. Our workouts can also help lift our moods, help with anxiety, depression, relieve stress…not to mention help lower our blood pressure and keep our cholesterol levels in check. The same goes with what you put in your mouth every day. Your nutrition plays an even more significant role in seeing results. Not sure where to start or how to stay motivated? Spend the time and money to sit down with a nutritionist. It usually cost the same amount of money as going out to dinner. Invest the money into your health and you will see changes.
How can you balance workouts with cardio, stretch and strength? Are you a cardio “junkie”? Start by including some weights in one of your cardio work outs (example a Spin and Sculpt class or circuit training). Or if you love stretching try a class that incorporates stretch and strength (ex. TRX, BARRE or a yoga class with weights). These types of workouts might not just give your body the boost it needs to see changes but they may also give your mind the challenge and excitement of change with trying something new; which in return may keep you motivated

ENJOY….don’t do anything you absolutely do not enjoy! Have you tried Zumba or Spinning at least 5 times?(I always think you should try a new exercise at least 5 times…often our are heighten emotions of trying something new gets in the way of enjoying the experience. Give your body and mind a chance to adapt to your new activity….try it 5 times) Or is your friends decision not to eat meat something you think you must do to see results…try it…it may or may not be for you and that’s okay! If you have tried a certain type of exercise or nutrition plan and it really isn’t your thing and you truly can say “I tried it with an open and positive mind”…then try something else. Don’t get caught up in what someone else loves…you may just get discouraged. There are many, many other fitness and nutrition options….but you don’t know unless you try them (at least 5 times)! Remember what I first said in the beginning…changes, even good ones, takes time. Your health and fitness is a journey. And those of us who have accepted and acknowledged that change takes time and are enjoying the journey along the way stay motivated!

By far the best way to enjoy and stay motivated with our fitness and healthy journey is by setting “dates” or appointments on a weekly basis. Chances are you won’t bail out on a friend if you both signed up to take a yoga class together. Or how about making a date with your daughter to go for a bike ride instead of shopping at the mall? Maybe spend a “night- in” with your significant other and try a new recipe. Cooking and enjoying what you have created can really bring a couple together! Not only the effects, even realizing that it actually is similar to strong drugs – frightened me as hell. But I was assured by the doc, and he prescribed only 100mg dose, so we could treat the thing. It helped, though the feeling were kinda funny. Only under supervision! By including the people around you in your fitness and health journey you become more accountable….and may get others motivated along the way

Make your health and fitness a priority…you will live a more balanced, happy and fulfilled life…aka JOURNEY Enjoy the ride!