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Community Service

Community Events

Community Service is our connection!

At Aim High Studio giving back, helping others, and lifting those in need are our driving force and heart center. We believe in exercising compassion for others through community service and connection. In class, our team is dedicated to helping you strengthen your body and mind alike. These acquired strengths then allow us to lift others up in need in and around our community through Aim High’s monthly community service opportunities.

Throughout the year, Aim High Studio members and their families volunteer to prepare and serve meals at two local soup kitchens. Your class participation not only provides you with that great high of good health, but a portion of the proceeds are used to buy items to prepare meals served to grateful recipients and fuel our monthly community service events. The acts of kindness displayed by the volunteers leaves a lasting impression, lifting individuals who have fallen as a result of challenging times. We call this AIMING HIGH! We encourage you to participate in any of our monthly community service opportunities!

See us in action at our soup kitchen!

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