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Welcome to Aim High 4 Life!! An adventure in improving your overall life…4 LIFE! The Aim High 4 Life Lifestyle has been created for individuals who want to improve their overall health through exercise, nutrition, motivation, and community.

What is AH4L?

  • Weekly Menus!
  • Weekly Workout Schedule!
  • Live Virtual Workouts!
  • Library of Virtual Workouts!
  • 3D Body Scanning to measure progress!
  • A Weekly Live Motivational Talk!
  • A Weekly Live Rookie Q&A!
  • Ongoing Coaching for our Lifers!
  • Daily Support from the AH4L Community!
  • No Supplements! No Gimmicks!
  • Simple and Sustainable!
  • Real Food! Real Results 4 Life!

Aimee Sala, the founder of Aim High Studio and Aim High 4 Life has been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years, having worked one on one with personal training clients, nutritional support and in group fitness settings. Aimee is also a trained running coach, certified mental health coach and has managed youth and adult athletic teams’ performances. She has also owned and operated Aim High Studio, a community inspired health and wellness studio for over 11 years with the mission to support and help improve anyone’s (from beginner to pro athlete) overall health through exercise, nutrition, motivation, and community.

With the pandemic Aim High Studio began to offer more virtual options for classes, personal training, and nutritional support. These offerings continue to be available in the studio but found that by offering virtual options too not only were these services incredibly effective but also convenient for people’s busy lives. Most importantly, the client’s success rate has been outstanding…(take a look at the post and results from clients on this page!)…and therefore Aim High 4 Life was launched!

Aim High 4 Life is a program, offered up in 6 or 7 week sessions, that incorporates an easy-to-follow fitness plan along with a simple nutritional plan and uplifting daily motivation from our community ~ completely virtual. This lifestyle includes no supplements, no other purchases, no processed foods and no gimmicks…and once you embark on this adventure it is for Life. (Your one-time payment has you Aiming High 4 Life…no added fees or memberships EVER!)

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Transformations and Testimonials

I started on this program late 2020. I've lost 30lbs on this program but what I've gain is so much more! I have more energy, I don't take anxiety medicine anymore, I am stronger, I don't experience brain fog during the day, I'm happier, and I feel amazing!!! Thank you, Aimee Sala, there are no words to express my sincere gratitude for the tools you have given me to better myself!


Started this program in January of ‘21. This picture was only 7 weeks into AH4L and still feeling GREAT! My energy is HIGH my confidence is HIGH and most of all I’m happy! Key word HAPPY!!!!! And I’m down 40lbs!!! Thanks to my friend Aimee and of course my bride Tiffany and Spinsanity for the encouragement and the belief I can do this.


In January ‘21 Aimee asked me to trust her, and I did.
This program has changed my life and the way I look at food, and at myself. I am 64 years young and feel 20 years younger. I even lost 40lbs! For those of you who are on the fence. TRUST IT WORKS!


I wanted to share these photos. The two on the right are of me in July/August 2021. The one on the left was right before Christmas. I am down 22 lbs. I cannot express how good this program has made me feel!
Before AH4L, like most people, my schedule is crazy and hectic (I have 3 young kids & also work outside the home full time) and I felt like I was losing it-my mindset-on a daily basis.
I was able to turn things around with AH4L-with my eating and focusing more on exercise and I feel better than ever! I’m forever thankful for making the choice to do this program and for all the support and knowledge it has given me. Thank you, thank you, thank you


Feeling healthier & stronger. I trained the same for both marathons except added in Aimee Sala’s healthy eating plan. Lost 20lbs, took off 40 mins in my Marathon time, and my recovery time was 1 day!!! That’s amazing, especially for my 48 yr. old body. Let’s keep going guys!


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$49/week for 7 weeks.
(Discounts available for new members that are interested in attending in-person classes at Aim High Studio)