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Barre Fitness

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Aim High And Raise The Barre!

Barre Fitness is an overall body-toning workout. During this all-levels class you will tone your core, strengthen leg muscles, lift your seat, and gain upper body strength. Fun, upbeat music accompanies this class that focuses on sculpting muscles in your entire body by also using weights, bands and exercise balls.
Stretches accompany each section of muscle toning to encourage a long-lean muscle build. Barre Fitness is inspired by both Classic Ballet and Pilates moves to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and yes, your posture! Join us at the Barreā€¦and see how you can raise your overall mind and body energy and fitness levels! Classes are held at our Fitness Studio.

Inspired by Classic Ballet and Pilates

Improves Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Posture

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