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Love what you do – Sarah Reilly

By November 3, 2013December 24th, 2013No Comments

“Meditation is mindfulness. It is a new way of seeing and it is a form of play. Meditation is your friend. Come to regard it as such, and resistance will disappear like smoke on a summer breeze.” Bhante Henepola Gunarantana

This quote reminds me to see everything that I do throughout the day as playful service. This isn’t easy and yes I do need to remind myself that I get the honor of doing the dishes, mopping the floor, filing papers, and teaching. Completing these tasks is an honor not a chore. Instead of looking at my ‘To Do List’ as, “This is What I Have To Do,” I see the list as what I Get to do.
For those that encounter the surfaces that I’ve touched with either the cleaning and organizing that I do daily, or the soulful nourishing words that my yoga students hear in class, or the fifth book that I read to my daughter that day, usually realize that these are all in service to others. All of the small, daily tasks create more wisdom and beauty in the world.
Practicing the physical act of Yoga on the mat has created a deeper sense of meditation and stillness within my heart. The study of Yoga postures has stilled my mind and opened my hips in preparation for meditation. Even in the busiest of days, I approach my mediation practice as an honor and a gift to give to myself and by taking the seat I recharge my batteries and am able to share more wisdom and beauty to my Community. Also, with my heart lighter from mediation all the daily chores that I take on feel more like play and become a beautiful, artful offering. Remember to take time for yourself and to do what you love so that all that you do becomes play.