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I usually start my Saturday morning yoga class with “Does everyone have a block?” I love doing yoga with a block. I use it regularly in my own practice, however; when I first started practicing that was not my norm. I used to be scared that using a block meant that I was not strong enough or that I was not doing my best. By letting go of those stories and using a block I have found alignment, which makes me feel stronger than ever in my practice.

As I grow in my own practice and teach, here is what I believe…. So often we push ourselves into poses twisting and collapsing into them when what we need is a block to open us up to shine. We shine when we feel good in a pose. Using a block in a supportive way allows us to open up and move some energy.

This is true for so many things outside of yoga. Support is a key ingredient in making lasting changes. I am privileged enough to get the opportunity to support people in both yoga classes and working with health coaching clients. I see it over and over. It is a powerful thing to get support.

Aim High is full of people who want you to feel your best. So I say grab a block for class, stay after to ask the teacher a question about a pose, go to a basic yoga class, talk about your health goals. Find someone you trust and get support.

Ardha Chandrasana w Block

Ardha Chandrasana w Block

– Kim Brenneman