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With over 20 years of experience traveling off the beaten path, Anca Trofin, Aim High’s Travel Adventure Coordinator, brings you a unique experience with competitive pricing.
Our adventures are not just about typical tourism. Our goal is for you to experience your optimal adventure in a foreign setting. There are no mega bus tours or boring guides–we make experiencing a new culture fun and easy!
Aim High Studio likes to bring culture, history and adventure all wrapped up in one. Perhaps we sail along the Galli Islands and Capri off the Amalfi Coast or have a wine tasting under the Tuscan sun. Perhaps we will charter our own private yacht in Santorini, Greece or do yoga overlooking the Adriatic Sea in Hvar, Croatia. What if we are more like the locals and see the Rolling Stones play in an outdoor venue in Rome, Italy just outside the Colosseum (we really did!). We also offer local trips that include healthy eating cooking classes, daily fitness and yoga and lots of laughs!
See where in the world we are traveling to next! Check out our EVENTS page to see what is planned for this year or if you would like us to plan your next adventure trip let us know!
*Knead, Stretch and Spin, LLC is the owner and operator of all travel trips and accommodations.  All travel agreements are between the consumer and Knead, Stretch and Spin, LLC.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

The Travel Adventure trips with Anca are well organized and hassle free as well as ‘authentic’ in feel and flavor. An intriguing itinerary is planned with care and thought into highlighting local culture, sights, art and activities and savoring the local culinary specialties and beverages. It is not ‘touristy’ or generic. On the contrary, Anca’s well established relationships offer her guests authentic interactions in local’s homes, family owned wineries, olive groves, businesses, kitchens (cooking lessons) and local artists at each destination. The best part is the itinerary is planned with each day’s activities (or ‘chill alternatives’) so no stress goes into making the arrangements. The groups are small and intimate and Anca takes care to have a ‘potluck’ dinner featuring the cuisine of the destination to introduce travelers before embarking on each journey. She is also flexible and takes care to accommodate each traveler’s needs regarding diet, other restrictions or motion sickness and is knowledgeable enough to make changes to the itinerary if needed.

I am embarking on a third trip with Anca and would highly recommend these trips to anyone looking for authentic, memorable experiences, enjoying the best and freshest culinary delights of a region, learning about history and architecture dating back centuries and millennia, visiting (and sampling) local vineyards, olive (oil) groves, farms, making new friends in the travel group and locals at the travel destination and intimately experiencing some of the most breathtaking and beautiful places on the planet. I look forward to many more fantastic and exciting trips!

Amany K2017

The best trip of my life was with Anca and Aim High Travel. My two daughter’s and I took a trip with them to Croatia. Not only was the trip extremely reasonably price for a private yacht with a private chef, it was one of the most beautiful places we had ever been. Anca went over and above before, during and after the tour. She also helped us plan our trip to Italy immediately following Croatia. Anca is an expert traveler and amazing host on all of her trips. She knows all the ins and outs of European travel. I would highly recommend any trip that Anca and Aim High have available. It will be your best trip ever!

Chip RSailing Croatia, July 2015

I traveled to the Amalfi Coast with Anca and crew the summer of 2014. My best friend and I were there to celebrate our 30th birthdays and it was truly a once in a lifetime trip! Anca was an expert planner and really struck the right balance between activities and free time. We were also able to do so much more as part of Anca's group trip than my friend and I would have been able to on our own. From visiting the most wonderful family run winery to sea kayaking to a day long boat trip to Capri to having the MOST fantastic meal of my life at Mama Agata's (seriously everyone needs to go there!) everything was well thought out and perfectly planned. The cherry on top of an already fantastic week... seeing The Rolling Stones in concert in Rome right by the Colosseum! All with some namaste sprinkled in 🙂 Nothing like morning yoga to get you ready for the adventure filled days. Everyone should go on one of Anca's trips - I promise it will be one of the best vacations you will ever have!

Nicole BJune 2014

Thank you, Thank You for organizing such an amazing trip in the "Amalfi Coast Adventure " for Aim High Travel !! It was an absolute pleasure to travel with someone who not only knows the area and speaks the language, but also has relationships with some really special local people who helped to make our trip extraordinary!! From our exceptional driver to delicious wine tastings and extra special cooking classes, one with a well known chef, this has been one of the most special trips I have ever taken. I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity! It was really enjoyable to be part of a smaller group and I'm proud to say that I've made some friends in Italy!

I will save the date for our reunion tour!

SonyaCiao Amalfi Coast, October 2016

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