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At Aim High Studio we open our doors to everyone! Classes are designed to cater to all fitness levels from beginner to experienced. The studio’s team of dedicated instructors lead our small classes with compassion, while focusing on your personal needs with care, a trademark of Aim High. Schedule your class today and join us, so we can Aim High together!


Community service is our connection!

At Aim High Studio, we exercise compassion for others through community service and connection. Fundraising events, donation classes, supporting local families in need and two local soup kitchens are the heart and driving force of our studio. We emphasize gaining mind and body strength through the variety of fitness classes offered, enabling our members to use their acquired strengths to lift others in need in and around our community. We call that AIMING HIGH!


Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

Our trainers are all professionally certified and continue to further their education on a regular basis, in order to offer the best possible workouts for their clients. They will work with you to create a customized plan that will help you to reach your goals. Weight training, TRX, Boxing and Spinning are just a few of the tools that our trainers have in their repertoire.

Relax your mind and body

Everyone deserves the best therapeutic treatment from knowledgeable and experienced therapists. We believe incorporating massage, community acupuncture, Thai body work, and meditation encourages people to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Let our highly skilled, professional, and caring team of therapists at Aim High Studio focus on your individual needs to relax your mind and body.


Welcome to Aim High Studio!

At Aim High Studio we encourage you to exercise compassion for yourself and others through connection, classes and community service!
Through our array of yoga and fitness classes, you will gain mind and body strength to help lift others up. The core beliefs of Aim High are integrity, service and excellence. Our dedicated team of instructors AIM for you to achieve a HIGH through movement and connection with others who motivate, encourage, and support you to be healthy.
More than just the physical, our philosophy is exercising compassion for others through connection and community. Take that energetic HIGH and give back through our Community Service opportunities. Whether contributing to a donation endeavor, participating in fundraising events or volunteering at our local Soup Kitchens, Aim High Studio offers a variety of ways for people to utilized their personal strengths to lift others.
Our classes feature a small instructor to student ratio. We cater to all fitness levels from beginners to seasoned athletes. Our committed team focuses on providing personalized attention to alignment, form, and individual needs. Aim High in class with us, as we give back to those in need in the community!

Give the gift of Aim High Studios!

Our dedicated instructors strive to help you maintain balance in your life and feel your best doing it!
Featuring a personalized and caring environment, with instructors that encourage members to use their individual strengths to exercise compassion and kindness for themselves and others, a trademark of Aim High.

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What Our Clients Say

Since coming to Aim High Studio I feel genuinely…loved. Pure unadulterated love. Complete and total acceptance…zero judgement. I desire to be there. What a wonderful group of women I have met…where we support one another!! I can cry freely, laugh loudly (a lot)…and feel comfortable to be who I am… Thank you Aimee for your vision…your guidance…your genuine involvement in my life…and for hiring the most amazing teachers to guide me into becoming more “flexible” in my life.

ShannonBarto, PA

Because of Aim High, I’ve rediscovered my inner athlete. Because of Aim High, I’m not scared to try new things--in a gym or in life. Because of Aim High I’ve been able to drop 44 lbs and gain muscles!! Because of Aim High I can do push-ups… Thank you for your help and inspiration.

LaurenConshohocken, PA

Comfortable, honest and pure. A place where I can be me!

MichelleWorcester, PA

Thank you for your honesty, support and kindness. You have helped me overcome many obstacles by believing in me at times when I doubted my abilities. I will be forever grateful for our paths in life crossing each others.

KellyWorcester, PA

“All because a girl followed her dream… Aim High Studio came to life. A new community was established that continues to fill me with inspiration and love. Bringing new friends into my life that have the same values and interests. Thanx to Aim High I have gained strength not only physically but mentally as well. Most important I have fulfilled my dream of a better peace of mind.

SueEagleville, PA

Thank you so much for opening up a great place and providing the excellent classes and fabulous training. I can’t imagine my life without Aim High and the wonderful people that have become like family. Looking forward to many more years at Aim High.

MandiCedars, PA

I have never in my life felt like I was part of a family or a group, I have almost always felt like the oddball outcast. At Aim High, I have made several close friends, a whole circle of casual friends, and it seems like hundreds of acquaintances. At Aim High, I feel like I can be myself.

StephanieEast Norriton, PA

Aim High is my one and only place where I can push my limits. This place is my best kept secret that I tell everyone about! I love Aim High Studio because (and it’s true) I can aim high!

StephanieAmbler, PA

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